It’s about values – not about money!

No limits

In the complexitiy of our world, we need Leaders who see of the big picture and understand the interrelationships in terms of cause and effect. The decisive distinguishing features will no longer be knowledge and competence, but the ability to deal with the uncertainty, complexity and volatility of the VUCA world.
The total dissolution of boundaries within the framework of globalisation, the almost unlimited communication possibilities and the digital transformation are dramatically changing our future economic system. Specialists no longer talk about digital transformation, but about a digital tsunami that sweeps away entire industries, branches of industry and occupational groups. Data is becoming the gold of the future and robots, paired with artificial intelligence, are taking over a significant part of our paid work today. This means that supposed laws and truths - valid for eternity - are suspended overnight.

New challenges for leaders

Models of thought such as the unconditional basic income, which only a few years ago was dismissed as a "crazy mill" by ethicists from outside the world, are now being discussed in politics and business. The leaders of the future will be confronted with new challenges. It remains to be seen whether they will be well prepared for this by the universities and colleges that still lecture on material and models from the past with methods from the last millennium. Even today, primary schools persistently focus on imparting knowledge and prohibit children from using modern means of communication, such as the smartphone. Executives who want to compete for market shares with their organizations in the globally networked competition for market share in the future are well advised not to focus on financial results in isolation, but to focus consistently on the benefits for their customers and those of their most important interest groups. And in all of this, keep an eye on the big things, stand up for values and touch people.

A holistic view

The keyword is holistic, value-oriented corporate management and encompasses entrepreneurial fields of action such as the systematic development of the organization in the sense of excellence, digital transformation with all its manifestations and business ethics as the basis for value and meaning orientation. A company that creates benefits and added value for society cannot be unsuccessful in the future. We need managers who have an overview of the big picture and understand the interrelationships in terms of cause and effect, recognise trends and are able to align their organisation accordingly. Leadership competence in the sense of holistic, value-oriented corporate management requires new thinking, which presupposes that one is able to discard "old" patterns, truths and beliefs. The principle is: work not in the company, but on it.

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