Leadership is only successful if the employees are motivated, productive, and achieve corporate goals. The key to this is creating executives who are actually able to lead. Using a mix of video faculty, classroom training, and business coaching, Zsolt creates leaders who get results. 


Leadership Training

Innovative training and education for executives, self-employed entrepreneurs, top salespeople, and business owners. 

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Sales Training

Get more confident salespeople, less stress, more customer contacts, and a new, sustainable sales process. 

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Digital Transformation

Learn the 6 keys to motivational leadership that will change the entire face of your company.

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Unique Blended Learning System

All of Zsolt's innovative programs are taught through a blend of classroom, video, and 1x1 business coaching.

Over 25 Locations Across Germany & Switzerland

Learn from renowned experts at a location that's convenient for you and your schedule.

Online Faculty with 400+ Videos

Access hundreds of topics specific to your program directly online.

Turn Your Struggle Into Success

Now is the time to change your own future.

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