Speaking & Coaching

Challenging the Status Quo

Zsolt is a disruptive, rule-breaking, and result-making entrepreneur who is more than just a coach.

  • Results-based focus
  • Creates new patterns & habits outside-the-box
  • Focuses on a 'big picture' methodology
  • Creates unique blueprints for leadership, sales, and brand
  • Focuses on strategic implementation and execution
  • Specializes in chaotic problems and unique solutions
  • Draws out the best leadership qualities in anyone

International Keynote Speaker

Zsolt has spoken on stages around the world in over 10 different countries.

Some of his keynotes include:

  • 90 * 10: The New Formula for Happiness
  • Why Some People Are More Successful
  • How to Reach Your Goals & Change Your Habits
  • The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Take the Risk - The Power of Decision

Turn Your Struggle Into Success

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