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100's of leaders & 1000's of clients across the world have succeeded with Zsolt's unique coaching.

As an entrepreneur, management trainer, and international speaker, Zsolt has a 30+ year wealth of experience serving as a CEO and COO for multiple companies in the health care and service trade sectors.

His passion is to initiate change in countries across the world by teaching leadership, strategy, and management. 


Make Your Brand Visible

By creating disruptive patterns and habits that focus on rewiring the way you think and act, you can bring your business out of the background and skyrocket it to the top.

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Rewire the pattern of your thoughts to boost your professional and private success.

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Business Success

Mastermind classes and 1x1 coaching show you the methods you need to skyrocket to new heights.

Business Coaching

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Outside the Box

Understand the keys to breaking the rules and how to create a unique strategy that produces results. 

Strategy Consulting

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With motivational speeches in both English and German, Zsolt inspires thousands to break out of the box.

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"Zsolt is an Authority in Leadership Training. He is very inspiring and motivational but also earth-grounded. There is a huge value in his trainings that I can put into practise. He helped me to become a positive minded and skilled Business Owner. My Success is his commitment."

Kathrin Mark
Business Owner Facility Management

"The Trainings Zsolt is providing are very innovative. The Blended Learning Concept and his positive mindset brings people to a higher level and creates result making Leaders. I like to make business with Zsolt and share my visions about Digital Transformation with him. We are both Entrepreneurs and don't stop to think big about the future."

Daniel Dettwiler
Entrepreneur, Digital Transformation Engineer

"Zsolt's Story is incredible. He made it from Zero to a dynamic and successful entrepreneur and CEO of different companies. He turned negative rules into positive actions and amazing results. Zsolt is a gifted Speaker, inspiring people acting like winners. I'm glad I can work with him to bring my business forward."

Lilian Njoki
Founder - Tellyourstory.ch, Coach, Inspirational Speaker

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